Magic Tears

magic tears

Following the great success of the CRY BABIES brand, with over 1.5 M dolls sold worldwide, IMC Toys are extremely excited to be launching a new line of collectable Cry Babies, which will also be supported by a brand new web series: CRY BABIES MAGIC TEARS!

A collection of super cute mini crying dolls, dressed as little animals that come with lots of accessories. 

Looking to the future, the aim is to create a wide product range, building a fantasy world around the brand.

The commitment to this collection is very strong, so much so that this magical world will come to life on screen to captivate children, through amusing adventures with their favourite characters: Coney, Lea, Lala, Lady, Dotty and Nala.

The stars of the show will be involved in incredible stories in the world of “MAGIC TEARS”, where together they will discover the value of friendship, empathy with others and teamwork. Each episode will no doubt have a touch of humour, typical of the bubbly little babies.


En este mundo sus lágrimas son mágicas, hasta el punto de conseguir animar objetos y resolver situaciones. Cada vez que los bebés lloran de emoción o de alegría, consiguen encender coches o activar mecanismos, ordenar habitaciones, e incluso convertir unas cosas en otras…

Ya no aguantáis más pera verlos, ¿verdad? El estreno de los webisodios tendrá lugar en el mes de julio en y en el canal de YouTube.

No te los pierdas y vive con ellas momentos inolvidables, risas, historias y mucha, mucha diversión.