Nuremberg International Toy Fair


Nuremberg 1

The Nuremberg International Toy Fair is the world’s leading trade fair in the toys, games, hobbies and leisure market.

This fair, open exclusively to specialist traders, is the perfect communication platform for domestic and international manufacturers, traders and buyers, as well as all the ‘satellite’ industries that revolve around and are fuelled by this market, such as market and press research companies from all over the world. The fair’s ultimate objectives include presenting new products and obtaining a global view of the industry by providing indispensable information to give a general guide to the market.

Over the 6 days, from 31 January to 5 February 2018, the fair attracted around 2,800 exhibitors from 63 countries and nearly 73,000 visitors from 123 countries.

This fair is crucial to the commercial strategy of companies in the sector such as IMC Toys, which has been attending since 2000 with a permanent stand that has grown and improved over the years, along with the company itself, becoming an ideal space to present its various brands to the world.

Many new products were presented on the IMC Toys stand this year, all of them outstanding for their high quality, innovation and original style. During the tour, visitors entered into a journey of fun, play and entertainment, passing through the various stages of childhood.


The tour continued into the world of girls with the new super-cute CRY BABIES and their smaller-scale ‘sisters’ CRY BABIES MAGIC TEARS, following the stages of development of the BABY WOW BABIES, CHARLIE, EMMA, MEGAN and MIA, being surprised and entertained by the widdling BABY WEE figures and finally having a fun-soaked time with the new BLOOPIES bath dolls.

And who could resist getting carried away stroking the adorable interactive CLUB PETZ soft toys? With the new BOWIE and his friends, the puppies LUCY and LOLA, YOYO Panda, MARTINA the little turtle, BLU BLU the sweet little dolphin, BIANCA the kitten… and last but not least, MYSTERY MAO, the magical cat… would you like to try playing with him?

If you were looking for fun times for the children and the family, the PLAYFUN games fitted the bill. Do people ever lie? Find out with the new TRUTH DETECTOR, and then carry on playing with PLUMBER CLASH, BOOMBALL, VOLCANO ESCAPE and many more.

The Nuremberg International Toy Fair is an event of fundamental importance for IMC Toys, providing an opportunity not only to show the collection and demonstrate our passion, dedication and commitment to innovation, but also to appreciate the excellent teamwork that lies behind each product and that makes us feel extremely proud each year.